ABOUT penk

Penk - a male penguin stood out against the normal black penguin making him the target of jeers and exclusion. Despite his earnest attempts to blend in, his scholarly nature—marked by oversized glasses perched on his beak—only served to deepen the divide. None of the other penguins wanted to fish with him, casting sidelong glances that spoke louder than words: he simply didn't belong. Yet, Penk's intelligence was a hidden iceberg of potential, vast and waiting beneath the surface. He understood the rhythms of the sea and the whispers of the wind with an acuity that none of the others possessed. In time, his unique insights into the tides would lead to bountiful catches, and his once-mocked nerdiness became an unexpected boon.


LIquidity burnt
transaction tax 0
total supply 1 million
minting revoked

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